About the Shop

Our custom cake shop is located in the heart of Quincy’s historic District just one block away from our sister store, Krazy Cakes Cafe and Bakery.  We offer custom made edible creations that are hand-made, and designed by our Decorator’s Amber, and Shonna.  No dessert is too Krazy for us to create, and spots fill fast so get your orders in soon

Our Decorators

Amber  & Shonna have thirteen years of cake decorating skills combined.  They consider themselves “the same but different” when it comes to cake decorating, and life in general.  Shonna enjoys free-hand painting on cakes, as well as unique buttercream techniques, while Amber loves to hand-sculpt 3-D cakes and create edible pieces with the finest of details.  Prior to getting into the fine art of cake decorating, the both of them worked for years in the eye-care industry, but had never met until Krazy Cakes came to be.  Together they form Team Sha-Bam and have won awards for their cake-artistry and flavor options.

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